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Main Course

Side Orders



Cold Starter

sp. Terrine de Saumon 80

Salmon with red pepper


Cocktail de Crevettes 50

Prawn cocktail


Tarte d ́Avocat et Crevettes 60

Prawns with avocado


Bresaola 55

Sliced smoked beef


Carpaccio 60

Sliced marinated fish or beef


sp. Roulé de Saumon 70

Smoked salmon roll


sp. Melfe Saint Jack aux Saumon 80

Scallop and salmon layers


Cheese 60

Platter of cheese

Hot Starter

Crèpe aux Fruits de Mer 55

Sea fruit crepe


Saint Jack au Safran 65

Scallop with Saffron


Saint Jack au Avocat 65

Scallop with Avocado


Sea fruit 85

Grilled sea fruit with olive oil


sp. Foie Gras Poélé 95

Parisian duck liver with pear


Ravioli di Ricotta 55

Ricotta ravioli


Salade de Crevettes et Pastèque 65

Prawns with watermelon


Clams 65

Clams with light tomato sauce


Daurade Rôtis Citron et Caviar 100

Daurade fish with lemon and caviar sauce


Saumon Grillé aux epinards 125

Grilled salmon with spinach


Loup en Gros Sel 125

Whole baked seabass in salt coating


Loup de mer grillé 115

Grilled seabass


sp. Dos de Loup farcie 150

Stuffed seabass


Langouste Thermidor 210

Lobster Thermidor

Langouste à l ́Américaine 210

Lobster medallion with American sauce

Crevettes Royales 135

Prawns with a choice of pesto, black pepper or pistachio & parmesan sauce

sp. Crevettes Thermidor 150

Prawns Thermidor


Cuisse de Canard Confite 90

Duck legs with sweet sauce


Magret de Canard à l ́Orange 90

Duck breast with orange sauce


Suprême de Poulet 75

Chicken breast with roquefort sauce


Cordon Bleu 95

Chicken cordon bleu


Escalopes de Poulet Panées 85

Chicken escalope


(Serves two persons)

Sea Fruit Paella 230

Spanish paella rice with sea fruit


Romero Paella 210

Spanish paella rice with beef, lamb, rabbit and chicken


sp. Royal Paella 325

Spanish  paella rice with lobster and sea fruit


Margherita Pizza 40


Veggie  Pizza 45


Four Cheese Pizza 50


Crispy Eggplant Pizza 45


Pepperoni Pizza 50


Sea fruit Pizza 55


Salmon Pizza 55


Beef Pizza 50


sp. Filet de Boeuf 195

Beef tenderloin with black pepper, parmesan, or mushroom sauce


Entrecôte de Bœuf Grillée 165

Slices of grilled entrecote with black pepper, parmesan, mushroom, or garlic sauce

Filet d ́Agneau 180

Lamb fillet


Carré d ́Agneau 165

Lamb ribs Greek style


Souris d ́Angneau 175

Backed lamb leg


Escalopes de Veau 175

Slices of veal with mushroom and cheese


Escalope de Veau Panées 150

Veal escalope


Ravioli di Gamberi 75

Ricotta and prawns ravioli


Ravioli di Spinaci 65

Ricotta and spinach ravioli


Crema di Saumon Tagliatelle 85

Salmon tagliatelle pasta in cream sauce


Crema di pollo Tagliatelle 75

Chicken tagliatelle pasta in cream sauce


Penne ai quattro formaggi 70

Four cheese penne pasta


Spaghetti Frutti di Mare 95

Sea fruit spaghetti pasta in marinara or pink sauce


Fettuccine Alfredo 95

Fettuccine pasta with shrimp, mushroom and alfredo sauce


Penne Arabiatta 70

Penne pasta in spicy tomato sauce


Pasta Alforno 75

Oven baked penne pasta


Musaqaa 60

Eggplant with beef and parmesan Greek style


Backed Vegetable 50

Oven backed vegetable


Lasagna Bolognese 70

Spanish paella rice with sea fruit


Lasagna Frutti di Mare 75

Spanish paella rice with beef, lamb, rabbit and chicken


Le lasagne Vegetariane 65

Spanish  paella rice with lobster and sea fruit

Escargot Variety

sp. Escargots de Bourgogne 110

Snails cooked in the shell


sp. Escargots au Champignon 110

Snails on mushroom


sp. Ravioli d ́ Escargots 80

Snails filled ravioli


sp. Seafood Bisque 60


Mushroom Soup 50


Creme de Légume 50


Gratinée Lyonnaise 45


sp. Asparagus Soup 60


Consommé de Poulet 55


Pumpkin Soup 50


sp. Risotto Frutti del Mare 75

Italian rice with sea fruit


Risotto ai Funghi 60

Italian rice with mushroom


Risotto ai Olive 55

Italian rice with Olives and dried tomatoes

Risotto ai Pollo Affumicato 65

Italian rice with smoked chicken

sp. Asparagi e Spinaci Risotto 70

Italian rice with asparagus and spinach


Grilled Halloumi Salad 55


sp. Prawns Avocado Salad 65


sp. Caprrese Salad 65


Italian Salad 50

Greek Salad 45


Caesar Salad 55


Arugula Salad 50

Ice Cream 40

Tiramisu 45

Fruit Salad 45

sp. Moelleux au Chocolat 55

Crème Brulée 40

sp. Macaron Cake 55

sp. White Chocolate Parfait with Raspberry 55

Mousse au Chocolat 45

Panna Cotta 45

Cold Drinks

Fresh Juice 25


Beer 15


Grape Drink 65


Soft Drink 12


Water s 12 / l 24


Sparkling Juice s 18 / l 40


Iced Tea 20


Mojito 25

mint and lime juice / with fruit juice


Sangria 33

apple, pineapple and cranberry juice


Pina Colada 33

pineapple and coconut cream


Saudi Mocktail 25

Hot Drinks

Espresso 15

Long Black 15

Coffee Late 22

Cappuccino 20

Hot Chocolate 25

Chocolate Shot 25

Tea 15